Whether you are trying to survive your day-to-day workload, struggling to scale your already successful organization, or have a great idea for a new business -
this FREE TRAINING is for YOU!

Get ready to learn the next best step to take in growing & scaling your autism business...

In this training, you'll gain the clarity and confidence you need to make your autism business sustainable and successful.

Whether you're just starting or are looking to open your next location, this training will break down the MUST HAVES in order to make sure you provide the highest quality services, make a powerful impact, and of course a profit.

Here's just some of what you'll learn during the
Free Training...
1. How to go from surviving to THRIVING with a solid business model.
We get it, this work is hard, AND we know that it doesn't have to be. We've helped dozens of entrepreneurs around the world create and maintain thriving organizations and now, we want to help you!
2. How to create the types of training your team actually needs.
How many staff trainings have you sat through in your life? And of those trainings, how many can you say fundamentally shifted your career? We'll be sharing how to make sure your trainings never fall flat again. 
3. How to run an organization that truly serves the Autistic community.
With 20 years of impact comes 20 years' worth of lessons learned. We're ready to share with you the key differences between organizations that work for the Autistic community and those that work WITH the Autistic community.
4. How to never feel overwhelmed or alone in this work again.
Have you ever felt frozen from having too much to do? Stuck in analysis-paralysis over making a tough decision? You need mentors and peers who have been where you are and can advise you all while remaining culturally mindful. We have years of experience, a global community of powerful Partners, and are ready to support you!
Meet your host!

Your training is hosted by Molly Ola Pinney,
Founder and CEO of Global Autism Project.
Molly has trained, coached, and mentored business owners in both the US and abroad for 20 years.

Over the years Molly has received numerous accolades and successes including being an invited speaker at the UN and achieving consultative status at the UN. You may recognize her from her TEDx Talk "Doing Things For Others Doesn't Help."

An expert in making dreams a reality, Molly is excited to help you scale your business.

Does this sound like you? 
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Got Questions?
We've got answers! 
I'm still not sure if this is for me, can you explain who this free training is for?
This free training is for anyone who wants to start or scale an autism business. Maybe you're a consultant just starting to go out on your own, or maybe you're ready to open a new location. Either way - this training will show you the next best steps and a few things that may be missing in your current plans.
What happens if I can't make it live?
There will be a limited-time replay available for those who register for the training. So if you can't make it - be sure to register and then watch your inbox for the replay!
Will there be a chance to ask questions?
Yes of course - we know you may feel like you have more questions than answers right now and that's okay and you're not allowed. 
My business is running well, will I learn anything new here?
This training is being run by someone who has consulted to autism companies of many sizes all over the world, from start-ups to companies with multi-million dollar budgets and thousands of employees. This training is composed of what we've learned over the years in these different environments and shares some of the most common mistakes people make in their businesses of all sizes.

Here are a few questions we have for you!
Are you able to step away from the business for weeks at a time with nothing falling apart? If the answer is yes - congrats! Let's make sure that keeps up as you expand your services.

What is your turnover rate like currently? If it's below 25% you're doing something very right and how do you ensure that continues?

Do you struggle with getting buy-in from your team at any level? We're going to show you a way to literally make the concept of getting buy-in obsolete.

I just have an idea, is that enough to get started with this training?
Yes, absolutely. This is the training that people have told us they wish they'd had access to when they were just starting out. 
What if I want to get involved with the Global Autism Project on a partnership level? 
Awesome! We have very limited spaces available for partnership and this training is the best place to start exploring that possibility.